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We are always looking for friendly and compassionate community volunteers to help out with our outreach programs. Volunteers are needed to sort through donations, stock shelves, fold and hang clothing. Volunteerism is extremely helpful during the holiday seasons and back-to-school events. Please complete our volunteer application below for immediate consideration. 


  • Volunteers must be aged 12 years or older.

  • Volunteers must have a state-issued ID. 

  • Volunteers who are appointed to drive for small tasks must provide proof of insurance. 

  • Volunteers who have been court-ordered to complete community service hours are welcome but cannot be registered sex offenders.

  •  Volunteers must be flexible as required tasks may vary and include moving boxes that are 10 pounds or more, stacking, washing, cleaning, and assisting members with finding clothing. 


Name, Contact, and Availability 

Background Information: 

By submitting this application, you attest that all information entered is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. Charity's Hope will conduct a thorough screening of your application for accuracy prior to approval. If you need to amend your application, please contact us at

Thank you. Your application has been submitted successfully.

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